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Performance management

Difficult or challenging employees? Performance management should be a coaching opportunity, not a confrontation. Learn how to effectively and positively manage your team’s performance while maintaining a high level of motivation. Leading your team to excellence: it can be done!

Recruitment, the key to success!

Studies show that costs to replace a productive employee may total 0.5 to 2 times his or her annual salary. Furthermore, 50% of recruitment mistakes can be attributed to a bad job description, an inadequate interview or a non-equipped manager. Recruitment is a crucial human resources management activity. This workshop introduces methods for building an ideal candidate profile, the right media to use for recruiting, and tools for selecting new employees in an effective manner.

Sustainable development: a new HR management tool

New generations of workers are looking for companies with values. In coming years, cutting-edge companies that demonstrate creativity and innovation will be increasingly popular and will attract the best talent, a fact that has led to the rise of sustainable development as a new trend in business management. Contrary to what you might think, sustainable development is not only about the environment, and the introduction of a sustainability program in your organization can have a very positive return on investment.

Humor and creativity at work

With the collaboration of Patrick Tremblay, humorist and scriptor, this conference offers a humoristic approach in problem resolution. Face the strategic challenges in your organization with an innovative approach. Get off the beaten track, be audacious! What we propose here, is a blind date with your right brain!

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