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A team of human resources specialists and talent finders.

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Annie Lebeau, CRHA


Passionate entrepreneur, Annie founded Capital GRH Inc. in 2009. She has extensive experience with 20 years in human resources management. Annie is a well-known speaker on the topics of recruitment, communication and performance management. Dynamic with a strong interest for entrepreneurship, she teaches entrepreneurship and human resources to managers in many School Boards. She is a Mediator and member of the CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional) organization. She is actually studying in Sherbrooke University (Master of Law). 

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Stéphanie Ménard


Currently pursuing university studies in human resources management, Stéphanie is a recruiter. Her vast background in business development gives her exceptional listening and analytical skills, ensuring that she effectively supports our clients in the search for the best talent. Thanks to her overflowing dynamism and her keen sense of humor, Stéphanie is an exceptional collaborator with whom you will enjoy working.

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Sylvain Breault, CRHA

Freelance consultant - head hunting

Sylvain is a member of the Ordre des CRHA and has a double Bachelor in human resources management and in the field of psychology. He collaborates with Capital GRH Inc. in search of targeted specialized talents. With twenty years of varied experience in psycho-social intervention and staffing, he knows how to recognize the best talents who meet your selection criteria and your corporate culture. Professional and rigorous in his work, Sylvain listens to people's needs and communicates effectively using humor as much as possible!

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Michel Poirier

Freelance Strategic Consultant

Michel Poirier has extensive experience in the field of consulting, strategic advice and business support in terms of human resources management and operational efficiency. With his experience in entrepreneurship, customer service and efficient management of operations, he has contributed to the implementation of various management structures in several PME and large Canadian companies over the past 20 years. Michel works with our team on various mandates relating to strategic planning, compensation, teleworking and staffing.

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Patrick Tremblay

Freelance Trainer and Speaker

Graduate of the National School of Humor, Patrick defines himself as a pure creative! He collaborated on texts for the comedian Boucar Diouf shows. He was a writer and comedian for TVA, Vrak TV and Teletoon. For the past ten years, he has been teaching the Humorous Writing and Humorous Design course at The National School of Humor. He is also the inventor of speed creating. A creative group technique to optimize ideas and projects. Inspire directly from speed dating, this technique of creativity is adapted to the contemporary lifestyle: pleasure and speed. Patrick gives many workshops of humor and creativity in companies and schools, as well as his conference “Humor as a partner”.

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